Session 5 Shadow Games

XP Award: 1100
Lewt!: all their limbs still attached

Evening – Red Sector

I hate coming to this section of the settlement, most would believe otherwise…considering my line of work, if you can call being a snatcher work. Not much else to do around here with all the factories closing. Thankfully Geron stepped in an made the place livable again…underworld style. With all his games he managed to attract a fair amount of off world traffic. Anywhere there are tourists, there is stuff someone wants more than they do, thats were i come in.

I was hanging out with some no name wanna be’s and my boy Tieg. We were looking for a good mark to make a little scratch for food. We had enough money to eat, but it was Friday, we wanted to live it up, relax a bit, perhaps hit up the holo pool at Pharg’s. We stood in Red Sector watching all the stim addicts and hookers doing their thing, it seemed like this was gonna be a late night til someone interesting showed up.

Didn’t need an invitation, he strolled right up to us with that menance in his eyes, he was versed in the underworld, knew our type and I knew his, a hunter, no doubt. Said he was looking for a couple good hands for a grab and go. A grab in go is a two stage con, you take something of value from a target and linger around until they return. A scout or two keeps an eye out for them and signals the snatcher to bolt on a hot ride. The idea…you run, they chase and WHAM! they stumble right into the hands of whoever wants em.

Tieg got cocky and gave him some lip. Might have deserved it, but he won’t be walking or eating solid food for a while. After he finished with T, he approached me real close, his scaled face an inch away, hot stinking breath all over me, asked if I was smart, or just had a smart mouth. I just nodded and the unspoken understanding came through. The hunter told me the details, grab a nav comp off a ship in bay 94. Pick a fast ride and lead the group to the factory for a little hide and go seek. Dropped 100 credit at my feet and said there was 400 more if I survived.

I am smart, snatched up the money and headed to Mikeys to pick out some newbs, it was easy money and a hell of a lot more than I had seen in a while.

Evening – Hangar Causeway

Getting into the ship was easy, but I alerted someone as I left. Picked up the pace and got to the bike as one of the lookouts said the Twilek pilot was coming and she had some sprint junky fast as a pod racer bearing down on us. I took a quick glance and saw her pulling a slug thrower, looks like the lizard left out a few details. I punched the throttle and was gone, but I heard the report of the thrower, stupid newbs.

When I got to the freight line, I could seem them in pursuit on an air car. I hoped the railing, signaled to the others and jumped into a cargo pod as it passed. I miss judged it a bit and slammed into the side of the pod, knocked the breath outta me. Moving to see if they took the bait, the pain told me I might have broken a rib. No way I was gonna keep ahead of this group, I was gonna have to pass the comp off to one of the others in the factory. I could see them behind me, the Twilek had murder in her eyes.

Evening – Factory

Even injured this is fun, the tourists are completely lost in here, watching them run from walkway to walkway to stair to dead end is comedy in motion. I hope the hunter makes his move soon, I really need to get to a medibot.

I am pretty sure I saw him moving in the shadows above me, he is one creepy hunter. I was following one of the newbs I picked up for 20 cred at Mick’s when we ran into two of them. I had a small holdout tucked away just incase, even though guns are not my thing, its was safer to have the option. The newb in front started popping shots at the closest one. I thought he had a glowrod at first, til I saw it clip through a railing like butter. He was young like me, but stupid clumsy with the laser sword.

Suddenly it popped into my head, could this guy be a Jedi, but he was so young, what did they call them on the holos? A learner! He must of just started, those adward wide slashes. Quickly I thought better, this guy just found a laser sword and was trying to be cool, then it went horribly wrong. All his flailing away, hitting nothing but air musta flipped a switch and he just snapped! Bloodlust filled his eyes, with a snarl he cut the guy in front of me in half! Literally. I have never been so scared in my life, I dropped my gun and bolted to farthest point I could find certain he was gonna chase me down and dice me up. At some point I stopped out of breath and the fear and pain took me down and blackness comsumed me.

When I woke up I was disoriented, but I heard the sounds of a feirce battle nearby. I had to see what was happening. From my vantage point I could see several teirs of platforms littered with droid bodies and parts. Following the devestation with my eyes I traced it to a top platform and saw the group the hunter hired me for in a brawl with Cevil! I had heard of and seen some of the damage that monster could cause. He looked weak, but that staff he was weilding was doing some damage for sure. Shock pulses flashed lighting up the area as he hit various targets staggering them, and he was parrying that laser sword with ease.

I could tell it was coming to and end. leaning in to catch any detail I could, the pain that shot through my ribbs reminded me I had a date on level two. Just as I was about to turn away a blaster bolt flared across my vision and stuck Cevil, he collapsed in a heap. Geron stepped into my view with a blaster raised and then hurried to the groups aid. Strange and oddly convenient he struck the killing blow, wonder what that tricky bastards angle is? Then I remembered it was none of my business if I wanted to keep breathing. Still I silently wished those guys some luck…they were gonna need it.

Session 5 Shadow Games

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