Session 4 Close Encounter

XP Award: TBD
Lewt!: -1 Nav Computer, Morgan Dervish… really

18:23 Landing Bay – Drexil IV

Sliding his computer terminal to the side, the hunter surveyed the compact bridge of his starhip.

Ssstupid humans. They make the hunt all to easy, how was he to earn his way to paradise chasing thesse pathetic worms. The bounty on M. Dervish would be enough to fuel his ship and complete minor repairs so he could return to the guilds mid rim headquarters. Even still it was unsatisfying, rising he spins around the pilots chair and approaches the armory locker. A quick hand print id and the security panel slides open revealing and arsenal of personal weapondry.

He needed a bigger bounty, something to increase his reputation so that the parsers would give him tougher targets, targets better matched to his skills and destiny. He would make this quick, grabbing the cxt-150 with thermal imaging. Dervish is sloppy, left a trail a drunk hutt slug could follow in twilight. He was holed up in a portable lab near an abandoned refinery. His crew was dust in the wind, hardly worth his time, one quick shot, down Dervish. In the chaos after, pluck his body up and return to the ship.

20:04 Lab – Colony Parimeter

Dervish has been inside for 30 minutes. Going to have to create a diversion to lure him out and get a clean shot. That old heavy loader should work, looks like a few of the fuel cells are intact. Undrivable, but surely enough vapor for a thermal round to ignite…wait…someone new is here…

A group. They are hunting as well. This is getting interesting, perhaps this won’t be a boring snipe and grab. They are young and sloppy, but they have a tail. Almost as good in shadow as me, is he a friend of theirs? Morgan may have angered more than he realizes with that dead Ithorian. No, these are too young, too clumsy, likely cutting thier teeth. Lets see how it plays out.

21:19 Docking Bay 94

Very messy. They are pleased enough with thier work, but their secruity is…well, there is no security. Pointless, but must have some fun. Easy enough to slip in and free Morgan, lets see what he is willing to offer for freedom.

23:09 Lardyss Orbital Facility

Artificial gravity…never get entirely used to it. This Cevil is full of himself. A manic godking with his own little playground. Probably not help negociating my price if i tell him how pathetic he is, how easy it would be to get a bounty placed on his head.

Hmmm, seems this new group might pay better than Dervish. The female human…what is Cevil so afraid of? She is medic. What harm could opening a clinic be to a self proclaimed ruler of a depressed population? Not matters for me to be concerned with, 5k credits is 5k credits. I will track her for a bit, already noticed she is fairly independent. Shouldn’t be hard to separate her from the rest…

Race Day
21:16 Colony Causeway

A JEDI!! Definitely didn’t see that coming. A red blade too…thought those were all but extinct with the rest. Reavan, Nyllus, they were all dead, killed by the one called the exile. A ronin? rogue sith perhaps, they have fewer morals than me, no code. The way he tore apart the lift says it all, he is one blown fuse away from murder. Have to pick up my game, seperate them more. The factory, it showed promise. Time to signal the hungry little snatchers for plan B…

Session 4 Close Encounter

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