Waspada Banigan

Reclusive teen stranded on a hostile moon for several years, recently, cautiously re-enters galactic society


Sneaky and Stuff


Trapped on a hostile forest moon after his parents ship crashed, Waspada braved the unknown and fought to survive for several years. Just when he had committed himself to a life their, a mysterious visitor, a Jedi Master crashed on the moon.

After viewing the jedi from a distance Wasp began to explore his camp while he was away hunting. Curiously the new comer was not planning on staying long, he was effecting repairs to his ship and had activated a homing beacon.

Rescue approached and in an attempt to offer a way off the moon, the jedi sought out the stranded teen. Unfortunately he was wounded severely in the attempt by savage local creatures. Wasp rescued him and carried his dying form to the rescue sight as Republic soldiers arrived. The jedi’s dying wish was that Wasp be rescued as he sensed a “special” talent in the boy. The Republic honored his wish and now Wasp is stepping foot in a world more vast than he could have ever imagined.

Waspada Banigan

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