Nessa is a 17 year old who got into smuggling and own's the I Think I "Can" ship. She's the mircale birth and oldest child of her parents, and therefore very greedy and wants what she wants.


Sweet pilot and stuff (stats coming)


Journal Entry 4 -

At this rate, I’ll be blasted into space-frozen slag before I’m in my twenties. Either that, or some merc (or worse yet, some Sith) will wear my purple lekku as a headdress. But I’m not going to let that chutta of a Hutt run spice out of Ryloth. Or at least, I’ll be dead before I’m a part of it. I’ve seen what ryll can do to people if misused… but do I really want to get involved?

I thought something was up when Gratta refused to let me take the Corellian Run into the Mid Rim. It would have been so much quicker to get to the Auril Sector by going up the Run and across the Parlemian Trade Route, but no- that slimeball had me going through Hutt space and flirting with the Maw! Now I know he just wanted to avoid any Republic entanglements… and I guess I was just fooling myself. I had a bad feeling about those sealed containers from the beginning.

When Gratta hired me on to fly the cargo freighter Rimrunner, that son of a slug never mentioned I’d be smuggling narcotics to his glitterstim factories on Belderone. Glitterstim is bad enough, but glitterryll… now that’s potent stuff. It almost ruined my mother’s life… almost ruined mine. I will not be an accessory to that.

Maybe it would have been better if I never opened the containers in the cargo hold. If I hadn’t known, would it have been so bad? My father always said that my curiosity would get the best of me one day.

The security lock on Gratta’s personally-marked containers was difficult to break. It took nearly the whole hyperspace jump to Nal Hutta to bypass it. I just wanted to know what Gratta was having me ferry under the sensor- he wouldn’t tell me, so I found out for myself. No harm in knowing, right? Wrong. When I saw the ryll, I got anxious… but I probably would have been content in the idea that it was going to make medicine.

Stupid Reddish. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the lightsaber-toting fool was trying to be my conscience or something. Like he knows the difference between right and wrong; the nameless wonder was trying to be a Sith! I guess he didn’t really know what he was getting into either, but still, I don’t need some happy-go-lucky Force-follower shadowing me wherever I go. Only two days on the same ship, and his jokes were making me want to throw him out the airlock.

I met Reddish on Belderone before I discovered the ryll in the containers, probably on my second or third voyage. We met at a sabacc table in a cantina in Salik City, and we always met up whenever my weekly run took me to Belderone. After I cracked the ryll mystery, we met up as usual, but for the last time; he was getting ready to board a little freighter for some “secret” academy. He had charmed the location out of one of the female recruiters- the guy really knows how to make you like him. So, we had a last drink in the cantina while we waited for our respective ships to get ready.

Gratta always had me deliver my shipments to a Rodian named Skug outside the capital city. Skug’s lackeys would always unload it onto an old transport, and fly it from there. I got paid, and was getting ready to go back to Ryloth as fast as Gratta’s bucket-of-bolts ship would allow. I had always assumed the cargo was going off-planet, but Reddish shot that idea down faster than a Bothan with his fur on fire. “You know they have glitterstim factories here?”

It was the simplest, most off-handed rhetorical question ever spoken. But when he said that, something in my brain clicked. Glitterryll. Gratta was making glitterryll spice. And I was helping him. Something tells me that Reddish wasn’t just making conversation when he said that… somehow, he sensed I was in over my head… but why would he have said anything? We were just acquaintances over the last few months… why would he care? I still wonder about it now.

In any case, Reddish and I said our farewells, and parted ways. Never thought I’d see the ruddy-skinned man again. I went back to Ryloth as mad as a sunburned rancor and luckily, Gratta the Hutt was paying a visit. I went to the warehouse the oversized spaceworm was inspecting and confronted him about the smuggling. He was angry that I had found out about the ryll, but he dismissed my accusations, saying everything was perfectly legitimate. I didn’t buy it. Transportation of ryll wasn’t illegal (if one had a permit, which I did not, but could have acquired), so why the secrecy? Why seal the containers and avoid Republic space? The only answer had to be that he was making glitterryll and selling it on the black market.

When I told Gratta all that, his fat face grinned at me. The loathsome slug laughed like a booming idiot, and called me “perceptive”. He all but confirmed that that was what he was doing on Belderone with the ryll shipments I had been sending. He offered me a more permanent position in his little operation- less of a contractor-for-hire, and more of a retained employee.

Looking back on it, I probably should have taken his offer. But how could I let myself be a part of something that makes those kinds of narcotics? Sure, the price was right, but I’m no drug-runner. So I told him as much… which was a bad idea. Gratta said he was “very disappointed”, and called for his thugs.

I barely got out of that warehouse with my lekku intact. I’m pretty sure I shot and killed his Trandoshan bodyguard and I think I may have even grazed Grattahimself, but the gunfight was so quick that I’m not sure. Ducking blaster fire, I made my way back to the spaceport and opened the access hatch on the Rimrunner, and I hightailed it out of there.

If my parents knew I had been smuggling spice, they’d disown me. I blasted my way off-world, heading down the Corellian Run to the Republic. At first, I intended to tell the authorities exactly what had been going on, but as I got closer to the Core worlds, I started to wonder. Why would the Republic care about a spice smuggling operation well beyond their jurisdiction? I’m sure Gratta was into worse things than glitterryll, but even then, the Republic was too busy with its own territory.

My second thought was to go directly to the Jedi. But I snuffed that idea out immediately. The Jedi refused to aid the Rim worlds in the Mandalorian Wars. Gratta’s drug-running didn’t affect the Republic directly, so why would the Jedi bother with it? Besides, their numbers were stretched thin anyway. What was I supposed to do? My family thought I had joined the Republic Navy- they still think that. The government on Ryloth had always turned a blind eye to smuggling and the slave trade. With the Republic and the Jedi out of the question, I had only one place to turn. I altered course, and headed for Toprawa.

Stupid Reddish. I was almost all the way to Toprawa, where his “secret” academy supposedly was, when Gratta caught up with me. Eight ships from the Troublemaker Mercenary Coalition- Gratta’s favorite band of spacefaring thugs- popped right out of hyperspace behind me. The Troublemakers didn’t even send out a warning- they just started shooting when they were within range.

I’m a fair pilot, but I’m not good enough to evade the combined fire of eight Aurek tactical strikefighters in a Dirigible-class freighter. The Rimrunner took a lot of hits on her back quarter. The engine block was pulverized, decompression alarms started going off- I had a better chance of fighting off the Troublemakers if I were in a null-G suit with a sniper rifle. Before too long, my single defensive cannon was blasted, and I knew it was over. Another shot on the dorsal side sent a power surge to my console, sparks exploded in my eyes, and everything went dark.

How I managed to even get to Toprawa’s surface, let alone crash near the Sith base without being detected, will probably be a mystery to me forever. I woke up just after mid-morning local time in the pathetic pile of rubble that was the Rimrunner, stopped the bleeding on my forehead, and started hiking. I had crashed in a valley with a river, and decided the best thing to do was to follow it. Before nightfall, I spotted the Sith base.

It looked like it had been converted from an ancient castle-like structure, a stone-and-wood monstrosity with subspace antennas and anti-aircraft batteries sticking out of it. It had to be Reddish’s new home, I just knew it. I thought it was a stroke of luck (finally) at first, but something inside me urged caution, so I snuck up on the facility. I didn’t know it was a Sith academy until I spotted a group from my hidden vantage point. They were on some training ground, and they were sparring.

With lightsabers.

And not the good kind either- the ones with red blades.

Now, I know enough about Jedi lore that only those who follow the dark side use red crystals in their lightsabers. Something about red being the traditional color of aggression and all that. Were they the same Sith who had tried to conquer the galaxy twice in the last hundred years? I don’t know. Reddish thinks so. There were only a few dozen of them I’d wager- but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I got into the Sith base at night, barely avoiding detection on multiple occasions. Luckily I blended in with the strange violet-and-gray rocks the base was built on, and I stuck to the shadows. I had a bad feeling about the whole place from the get-go, but I had to find Reddish.

Luckily, he found me. We just about bumped into each other rounding a corner, both of us trying to be sneakier than the other. After a hasty explanation, I had all the information I needed: it was a Sith academy, they were recruiting across the Rim worlds, and those had not been shiny toys I had seen on the training ground. I tried to tell him about Ryloth and Gratta the Hutt and the glitterryll, but he shook his head and told me it could wait. The Sith weren’t allowing anyone to leave, but he was going to anyway.

We got into the hangar bay where the ship that took him to Toprawa was anchored. There was a lone Sith apprentice guarding the docks, and he challenged us. Before I knew it, the Sith turned on his lightsaber, but Reddish managed to catch his wrist. While they grappled over the weapon, I took the opportunity to shoot the Sith in the back. Reddish took the saber and we got the hell out of there.

After nearly getting shot down by both the anti-air batteries and the small Sith fleet hiding in the shadow of Toprawa’s moon, Reddish and I made our way Coreward. In that time, he told me about the recruits being trained in the dark side of the Force on Toprawa. He suspects there are more facilities like the Toprawan academy, and the Sith are planning another assault. Personally, I think they’ve been beaten badly enough in the last two wars that they’re not stupid enough to try and fight the Republic toe-to-toe again. But regardless, we have a lot of decisions to make in the days to come.

Our stolen ship Catch Me If You Can- a bucket smaller, but faster, than the Rimrunner which I somewhat affectionately call the Can- ran out of fuel just as we landed on Alderaan. We’re well within Republic space now, and safe from the Troublemakers, Gratta the Hutt, and hopefully the Sith too. There’s a lot to think about, and I suspect things are going to start getting very interesting very soon.

Still… I have a bad feeling about all this.


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