Force Training

Alright, I’m ready. I can feel the Force… yes, the essences of the others are there.
No, I can’t tell what Wasp is thinking. He’s the most difficult to sense.
No Master, not always. It used to be Cam, but since he’s been probing the field with his mind, I’ve been able to be more in-tune with him. Well, yes, I think it’s because I’ve gotten to know him better too.
You don’t smile very often, and laugh even less… I know, I’m trying not to be distracted, but it’s been nagging me for the past couple of weeks.
But I like to laugh, and I like making you laugh. I enjoy it!
I have too! Once… remember, the day we were outfitting the Can with new door hydraulics? You came to find Nessa and Rhya throwing engine grease at each other?
You did so! You laughed when I used the Force to catch the grime Rhya threw at Nessa from behind the Can’s door and throw it back at Rhya! It was funny, and you know it.
Yes, Master, I’m trying to concentrate.
Yes, Master.
Of course, Master.
But what of the dark side? How can the dark side affect us in this space?
But you’ve told me that there is no darkness in the Force, just the potential to use it so.
Tell me, though, why-
I am focusing!
... I’m sorry, I just have so many questions and thoughts.
You’re right, the time for questions is not now… may I ask when we’re not in trance?
Thank you.
OK, I’m ready to begin, Master.
... I guess I still have a long way to go.


There was an engine grease fight on ship!? That’s awesome! Although I am sure super messy…


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