Session 3 Race Day

XP Award: 1850
Lewt!: Race Winnings – 1250, Morgan Dervish…again

Last minute nerves tortured Driggs as he made the final adjustments to his custom fighter. a reverie of the past overwhelmed him…

I am betting it all on an unknown. More interesting, she wants to remain unknown. Some trouble in her recent past had sent her deep into the stars and luck had set her in Driggs path…or had it. She could fly, that part was sure, but it has been all to easy to question good fortune here on Drexil. Ever since the arrival of Geron and shortly after the rise, brutal rise of Cevil to head of planetary operations of Lardyss Corp. That whole affair stunk of corruption. The nightmarish rumors that came from those unlucky enough to travel to the orbital station and Cevil’s self proclaimed seat of power.

To many secrets…but was he any different, a lifetime ago it seemed I was fighting along side Jedi Knights, the noblest and most powerful force I have ever seen. Firmly locked in the hopes and dreams of the civilized Republic and its promise to bring the same conditions to all worlds. That is what lead me to join the navy. After my injury, I was transfered to a repair yard and the pulse and thrum of starship engines became my life. Then the Sith came crawling out of the darkness, a plague spreading far and wide, conflict after conflict, killing the Jedi almost to the last sentient.

Thats when I ran, what was I doing when the Sith hit the ship yards…fixing a ship, the …the Bishop something…, memories, faded of color and sound, so distant now. A past I try to forget, a time when I new hope. Drexil makes a convient place to hide, but for how long? The conditions here are barely liveable for some, I help where I can, employing, feeding who I can, just enough to make a difference, but not get noticed.

Then the miracle comes along and changes the prospects of the future, arrivng in some mismatched ship, beat to hell, and in no time assembles a rag tag group to take down one of the toughest thugs since Cevil. Who was this Miracle? Can I really trust her to change the peoples fate, to change mine? So much at stake, Cevil is certian to notice. Bah! What and old fool I am to think it could change, here? Drexil, not with that silver tongued Geron about, the puppet master. No, the race is surely rigged even the best pilot does not stand a chance…

...OMG! She won!! And by a mile (well 18 positions), the closest competitors where fighting for second place. Miracle was so fast, she set off the course hazzards before the rest of pack made one lap. Amazzing! Simply amazing. She has given me hope for the future, whether I end of talking her into being my pilot or not, i can see that even Geron’s corrupt races can be beat with just a little know how and a lot of spirit.

The winners circle is packed I think half the colony is here, they are so jazzed the energy in the air is fantastic, I can see it in their eyes, they feel invincible and its all due to this mysterious young twilek that just dropped in 48 hours ago. What a profound nickname she choose, Miracle…heh! Now where’d she run off too?

Slipping away from the crowds Nessa meets up with the rest of the gang.

Disappointed by the discovery that the “off world” talent was not Morgan, Cam dwells on the next step and wonders if Rhya can alter his facial features and how much it will hurt. Some twinge in the force or fate allows the group an unfathomable opportunity. While discussing what to do next, they notice Morgan casually loading some cargo onto an aircar in front of a nearby hangar. They would not waste this second opportunity. Moving quickly they swept into position and with the help of a “force” enhanced suggestion caught Morgan off guard. Quickly surrounding him, Wasp seperated him from his back up with a well placed smoke grenade and his torso. As he attempts a quick escape, Rhya is ready and drops him like a stone with a well placed stun blast. All to easy…except when he got away the first time…but a roll of mesh tape will fix that.

Morgan in custody and better secured the group seperates once more to tie up any loose ends before departing. Hand hovering over the light speed button, can they make good their escape from Drevil IV?

Session 3 Race Day

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