Session 2 Lost and Found

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*Lewt!: Frustration and Dark Tidings

After capturing Morgan and securing him in the bay of the Can, they meet with Paul Demil and returned to the lab to assess damage and help with the clean up. The lab sustained only minor damage and Paul was greatful for their efforts. Learning of their fuel dilema, he gave the group 4 prototype fuel cells and warned them that they where “a bit peppy” and to make certain their ship was in tip top shape before using them.

Upon returning the group was getting to know one another but progess was slow. They each headed off for a short time on seperate missions, with Morgan bound in the bay, awaiting transport to the bonds agency, Reddish volunteered to watch over him as the others completed their tasks.

Rhya met with Parm Olic, the leasing agent for the station, to see about opening up the closed clinic. Nessa, fresh with a list of repair parts for the ship, took Cam and Wasp to the local salvage yard to aquire what they needed. Their they met Driggs, owner and operator of the yard. Driggs helped them locate the wrecks they needed to scour for parts, but asked little questions about their affairs. With a little pursaution Nessa talked him into a reasonable price for the lot of parts.

Returning to the Can, the met up with Rhya and heard about Parm and the Clinic. Entering the ship they awoke Reddish from his meditations on the force. As they dispersed about the ship storing items and readying for a meal, something felt wrong. Alarmed Cam ran to the bay to find empty bindings but no Morgan. After a quick search of the ship it was clear he had escaped. Puzzled as to his flight, Wasp enlightened them to the security holes in the ship by casually disappearing into a maintenance crawlspace and popping up inside the once agian locked bay. Shocked they questioned Wasp about how easy this would have been for Morgan. To the groups displeasure he recited half a dozen ways he could have gotten out of the locked bay without alerting Reddish.

Lead by Cam the group rushed into the station and began a frenzied search for any clues as to Morgan’s path of flight. Luck provided them with a lead from a crew in an adjacent landing bay and they set off to investigate. This clue would prove their only simple one, following the tip they traced his movement to the control sector of the tower and after convincing the guards they had business there, they began searching the floor. Ryha queried the guard and asked for his assitance in finding a lost friend, he agreed to help where he could and entered the security office. Wasp used a momentary distraction to slip into the security room behind him. Once inside he quietly observed them speed through some security footage, where they missed it, Wasp saw their query and learned a startling fact.

Slipping out to the group, he relayed what he had scene. Morgan had indeed come to this floor, but not in any desperate flight like might have been assumed, he was returning home, in a way. The video showed him pass safely past the Lardyss guards and enter an “Employees Only” door with his very own security card. It was now clear to the group that Morgan was no simple local tough, he was employed by the Lardyss corporation, but why?

Without the will or resources to take on the whole corporation to find out the group returned to the bar to discuss their options. With Cam’s bounty on the loose and a hefty advance in his pocket already, failure meant a bounty would be on his head soon enough. Each decided to gather what info they could from the locals to find and option to keep Cam’s head firmly attached to his body.

Fate or the Force saw fit to provide them an unlikely lead. Geron the local crimelord whom it appeared Morgan was associated with was holding a Snub-figher race the next day. Word on the street was that Morgan was an accomplished pilot and Geron’s ace in hole to secure and easy victory. Nessa was a great pilot as well, but they had no ship to enter the race. As a plan quickly formed to try and capture Morgan on race day, they found out that Driggs, the quarren salvage yard owner, had a fighter in the race, but no pilot. The group quickly seized the opportunity and approached the scrap yard owner. After proving her skills as a pilot on a test course, Nessa was in the race!

Win or lose they would have a second chance at Morgan. Would fortune or the force shine on them again? In 24 hours they would know for certain.

Session 2 Lost and Found

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