Session 1 The Mark

XP Award: 1250
Lewt!: TX10 Fuel Cells (4),Junk weapons for resale, a light armored vest, Morgan Dervish (for now)

The group ended up on the desolate moon of Drexil IV, host to a nearly abandoned mining colony. Of the four original corporations only the Lardyss corporation remains.

The will of force guided the separate characters to this outer rim world and eventually linked them up as a rag tag group. Amidst dealing with the price gouging they came across a peevish scientist named Paul Demil. Dr. Demil was victim of a forced eviction from his expensive portable lab by local thugs lead by the criminal Morgan Dervish.

Morgan it turns out is wanted in the Mid Rim for the murder an Ithorian Senator. Cam noticed him as he was finalizing the capture of the dug he had been tracking. Knowing that Morgan and his local entourage would not be easy to over power, Cam headed to the Squabbling Pharg, a local watering hole frequented by all manner of spacer. Luck panned out when the unnaturally charismatic Reddish strolled into the bar. After they got talking, Cam was introduced to Reddish’s traveling partner and captain of the “Can” (ID Becon – “Catch Me If You Can”), the Twilek pilot Nessa’ Nalan.

As it became clear the three might share similar goals (namely profit) a dust up erupted in the bar. Two local thugs (part of Morgan’s bunch) started beating on the timid scientist Paul Demil, who had come to confront them about taking over his lab. Cam and Reddish couldn’t stand by and watch the toughs beat up the doc and stepped in to defend him. Naturally the punks where not willing to let it go and made the mistake of engaging the duo.

While the fight unfolded two more watched from the shadows, one more than the other. Waspada Banigan, recently stranded on Drexil observed the group from a shadowed corner in the room. He had lost his only credits to a rigged bet set up by Morgan’s bunch. With no money to speak of Wasp had been tracking the group for a day or so seeking an opportunity to reclaim the credits he was cheated out of.

From a booth in the corner, Rhya Kyri watched the fight escalate and when Paul knocked to the floor bleeding she could no longer stand idly by. Utilizing her triage skills she pulled Paul from the fray and began administering first aid.

With a persuasive nod, Reddish sent one of the thugs scurrying out of the bar, fearful of the overwhelming odds? Strange you say, thats what his partner thought too. Undeterred, the foolish thug squared off against the duo and was beaten down soundly. His unconscious body was drug behind the bar by the service droid to a storage room.

Nessa, remained weary but calm, sippig at her drink as the fight played out. Ever ready to assist Reddish if he needed it, but confident he would be fine. When the fight was over she approached and joined the conversation with the Dr. Demil.

After hearing the details of the Dr’s troubles the newly formed group joined their detainee in the storage room for some questions. The thug played it smart and witty until Rhya leveled her hand cannon (set to stun of course) at his head. He was very chatty after that and gave up most details about Morgan’s occupation of the lab.

With numbers and tactics discussed the group waited til dark and headed out to roust Morgan from his newly claimed roost.

Session 1 The Mark

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