Rhya Journals

September 22th, 3949 BBY


There seems to be a sliver lining to the clouds covering this dingy little moon. There is a well equipped, albeit run down, medical clinic here. The population is in desperate need of real health care. Finally a place where I can really do some good. The leasing agent Parm Olik is a really nice man, and has proven to be very helpful. He submitted all the paperwork for funding from the Restoration Act, as such senator came out to take a look at my clinic. He seemed genuinely interested in my cause. I can’t say for sure whether or not he cared, but that’s politicians for you. Bottom line is I think the meeting went well enough to move forward. Parm gave me all the information on what to do next if I do get funding. This could be the starting point of something amazing. One little clinic on an outer rim moon could turn into many more on planets that really need my help, but that’s all in the future. Need to actually get this place off the ground.

The friends I’ve made here are characters to say the least. Good people though, with good hearts. I never would have pictured the 5 of us together. I’ve found myself with a beginner bounty hunter, a force user in training , a kick ass pilot with a “Can” for a ship and… Wasp. Still not sure what to make of him, but he’s good people and I can say for certain we wouldn’t be where we are with out him. And that leaves me. A doctor (barely) with a bleeding heart. . What in the world can the 5 of us possible do for each other? I honestly would have thought nothing, but thats life for you.

We’ve been through a lot in just the past few days. Met up in a bar with joint interest in a man being bullied and beaten up by thugs. In helping him we caught Cam’s bounty(Morgan Dervish), got fuel for Nessa’s ship and money to repair it. Money I needed to get my foot in the door at the clinic.

Things were just too good to be true….

Morgan got away. We followed different leads that led us to the big race. Intel showed he’d most likely be racing as the hired hand for Garron. A fixed race as it were. Ha! Fat chance. We entered Ness to get closer to him and she won by a mile. It was truly a sight to behold. I haven’t seen such handling in my life. Glad to have her as the pilot on my side any day! Turns out the mark wasn’t in the race at all, but we found him in the hanger after the race. Wasp smoked 3 guys giving us a screen to focus on Morgan I lucked out and hit him with my blaster on stun before our interaction caused a commotion and attracted any unwanted attention.

The bounty is now securely detained on the Can, and I’m sure won’t be going anywhere soon as long as Cam is keeping a watchful eye. Reddish still preoccupied by his vision of my cowering and screaming in terror. I’d have to say I’m a bit bothered by it myself, but I can’t do much, and Reddish is my new shadow until we get it figured out. I trust him with my life, and I know everything will work out the way its supposed to. Cam, Nessa and Wasp are all eager to get off this rock, but I’m still uncertain of what my plans in the near future will be.

In my opinion our chance meeting at the bar that afternoon means one of two things. Either we’re raging alcoholics seeing as we were in a bar at noon, or…we were meant to meet and help each other. I’m leaning towards the later; everything fits right. I don’t know everyone’s story, but I don’t think I can complete mine with out them.

Rhya Journals

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