Reddish's Visions

September 24th, 3949 BBY


((in a swirling ocean of the Force))

I have a good feeling about this!! Anytime I go into one of these Force trances, I get these little glimpses of people, and places, and a weird sense of time. It’s not like time stops… it’s more… simultaneous. Like every point in time exists at the same time, and I’m washed up in it. I see Rhya, or Cam, or other red-skinned folk. Sometimes I see a starship, sometimes I see a green planet, and sometimes I don’t see anything at all. Every once in a while it’ll be a smell, like something from my past I should remember, or the sound of engines or animals. It’s always a mystery, a fun adventure to go on through the Force. Staying calm helps to clear the visions- though they’re not really visions all the time- but it’s hard to stay calm. I get too excited! And sometimes, I get scared… scared that another one of those horrible premonitions will strike. I cleared my mind to the point of seeing the future once, and I didn’t like it. A friend crying out in terror? Who wants to see that! I want adventure, excitement! Sure, I might not know everything there is to know about the galaxy, let alone the Force, but isn’t having this gift supposed to be cool? Seeing pain isn’t cool. Why did I get that vision, and what others are coming? Bah, I have so many questions. I don’t like questions. They clog my mind. I like simple… but the more I learn about the Force, the more complicated it seems! And there I go again, calling them “visions”. They’re not always things I can see, or hear, or taste, or even really sense. They’re… voices. Voices in the Force. I mostly like them. I get tastes of what other people are feeling. Like right now- Rhya’s smiling at the computer screen in the other room. She’s looking at the projections for the number of healthy patients over the next three years. The clinic looks promising, and it makes her happy, which makes me happy! Oh wait… now there’s a tingle of something near the Can... something unpleasant. I’d rather stay away from that (particularly Morgan Dervish and how upset he is at being all tied up, though sometimes I just find that comical!), but the Force guides me when I’m in its grasp. I don’t tell it what to show me or where to lead me. Maybe in time I can control it more, but for now, I guess I’ll rely on- Oh, the senator is going to call. Yup- there, his message just popped up on Rhya’s computer. I probably should wake up now… but that’s not the right word, considering I’m more “awake” when I’m in—-


September 20th, 3949 BBY

What a day!

What an exciting day! When Nessa crushed the competition in the race, the Squabbling Pharg erupted in a sea of emotions. Reddish devoured the crowd’s feelings, basking in the glee that coursed through the cantina. The holos showed a graphic that further intensified the crowd’s shouts- his friend Nessa had beaten the 2nd place finisher by over 12 seconds, which was an eternity in snubfighter racing. He had talked up Nessa in the pre-race, encouraging everyone to bet on the mysterious racer known only as Miracle. Having won over a large percentage of the bar, they were more than generous with their tips after the race. Of course, those that remained stubborn in their vote for Ladryss were regretting it later- the shoe-in winner finished dead last! To top it all off, during the festivities afterward, Cam spotted Morgan Dervish in one of the warehouses on the far end of the race field. They cornered him and, with the help of the Force and another huge blast from Rhya’s stun cannon, captured the escapee. The Catch Me If You Can was spaceworthy, their quarry was well-guarded (Cam said he would sit on Dervish with his gun pointed at his head, and Reddish wasn’t sure if he was completely joking), and Nessa had won the race. The only dim spot was that of the Force vision. It was easier to overlook it during the high of the race and the subsequent capture of Morgan, but now that things had settled down, Reddish found his thoughts drifting to the armored hand… whose was it? Why was Rhya afraid?

Best not to think about those things. Stay focused on the positive.

September 12th, 3949 BBY

Always in Motion

Negative feelings and thoughts were a big distraction for Reddish. His preoccupation with the vision clogged his mind, made it difficult to relax- which was one of his favorite things to do. He knew he had been on edge for the past few hours, but he couldn’t help it. Anything like fear or anger startled him, gave him a sour taste in his mouth- but worry… now that was foreign, strange.<!–more–>

Reddish was certain his friends noticed it. Where normally he’d crack a joke, his face was stoic and contemplative. Even when Nessa had strode into Param’s office after he, Cam, and Rhya had been arguing about what to do with Morgan Dervish, keycard in hand and wry grin on her face, Reddish had been nonplussed.

The ringing echo through the Force was distant but urgent, like a shout through a comm unit with the volume turned way down… but the message was unmistakable: It is the future you see.

Haunted by the vision of Rhya’s terror, Reddish continued the search for Morgan. He felt a little bad that he was the one guarding Cam’s bounty when the criminal slipped away. While quieting his mind, Reddish should have been able to sense the whole ship. Evidently, the premonition of the armored gauntlet reaching for Rhya’s screaming face was distraction enough that Morgan could slip away from the Can unnoticed.

But, there was no sense in worrying about the past. Morgan’s escape, the mystery of Ladris Corporation and Geron, the eerie premonition… he had enough to concern himself with. Besides, Nessa was sticking her own neck out to flush Geron into the open. He should be focused on helping her out.

Sure, Reddish was certain she was mostly concerned with the purse, but he felt the stirrings of something akin to honor deep within the twi’lek. Cam seemed like a decent enough fellow, just maybe pained one too many times to feel much anymore. Wasp was still an enigma- the kid appeared to have no focus or goal, just an old survivalist instinct that wouldn’t shut off. And Rhya… well, he’d make sure that premonition wouldn’t come true. The Force wanted him to know, so Reddish would work to prevent it. Her future wasn’t written yet, so he’d try to give it a better course than the snapshot he saw. Reddish needed no reason to help people.

Then again, he had a lot to learn about both people… and the Force.

Reddish's Visions

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