Nessa Reports

September 22th, 3949 BBY


I knew the piloting lessons that I assisted my parents to give me would come in handy one day. Granted during my time working for Gretta, as well as, during my escape this skill has done me well. I won by 12 seconds, which is INSANE! It was amazing to be going that fast and going through all of turns and the spot where there could have been a collison, so fun! I even got to use my computer skills to fix my shields after being hit. WOW can that fighter fly! I also did help out my new “friends” if you can call them that. We need to meet with Garon for various reasons and now being the winner I get to attend the celebrating dinner with Garon and others. I will bring Rhya and Reddish with me.

After the race, Cam saw our lost bounty Morgan, and through surrounding him again, and some amazing stun shooting from Rhya we were able to capture him once again. Cam says he’s going to sit on Morgan until he’s delivered. I was hoping to buy more items for the Can but I think most of it’s going to have to go to our docking fee. If we come back to Drexil IV then we will need to make sure to dock in a less spendy docking bay. Maybe Drigs knows of a good place. I wouldn’t mind coming back and flying for Drigs in the next race, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind having me again either. I could sure get use to the winnings once every three months or so. Just think of all the things I could get with that money! And I do like to buy things!

After the dinner we are going to need to get into the air. If we are going to turn Morgan in on time, even with the extension, and you never know who might find us up there. I don’t mind helping Cam with this, it does give Reddish and I some more money, but I’m still not quiet sure of these new “friends” of ours.

And now Reddish has seen a Force vision of Rhya being attacked of some sort, and he’s not leaving her side. And Wasp, what is up with him? He disappears and then re-appears, and what has he done to my ship!? There some sort of goo he has put around his sleepy area, which he found in a very small place on the ship. He’s been helpful, but not too sure how much I can trust him around my ship. He crawls around like it’s his and who knows what he’s doing to it while he’s doing that. And Cam, he seems pretty cool, he is a bounty hunter and I don’t mind getting rid of bad guys. Not too sure what to think of Rhya though…

I guess only time will tell about these new “friends”. Maybe they will grow on me like Reddish did, however I was okay when it was just the two of us. I’ve never had friends before, so this is all new to me, I mean how do you act around them? And do I trust them to tell them that I have a Hut after me… Granted their skills may come in handy if they find us again and I don’t mind helping them, they seem like nice people, but they like to help people they don’t know, what is with that?

Nessa Reports

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