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September 21th, 3949 BBY

What was I thinking?

I set out in the galaxy thinking I could do some good. I was going nowhere back at the Outpost and, as you know all too well, I had seen enough of the corruption of Gratta. I thought, “Oh, I can be a bounty hunter. It can’t be all that hard.” I almost died! My new friends almost died! I have no idea what I was thinking but I was just so caught up in…. the chase. That serge of adrenaline; I felt truly alive. But I quickly learned that my possessions are not prepared to deal with this dangerous lifestyle I have chosen. Once we find a more reputable port I’ll have to acquire something a little better than a hunting pistol and a large stick. And maybe spend some time on conditioning myself for more possible combat. Wow, I never even thought of “combat” as a possibility. I guess I have a lot to learn.

I suppose I should reflect on what has been happening with Reddish, although it makes me uncomfortable to talk about it, even with you.. First, there was the call: “Trouble. Come quick.” Blaring in stereo in my mind with his face right along side it. I’ve never felt anything like it before. He was in my mind; speaking without speaking. There is no real way to describe it with words. I’ve felt different since it happened. Uneasy, but not scared. My mind racing, almost as if I’m thinking faster, but its probably just the adrenaline. I need to talk to Red about it.

I saw him cut a man in half with that saber of his. He was in a blind rage for those few seconds, with a look I’ve never seen in anyone’s eyes. And I swear I saw steam rising from his body when it was all done. He quickly returned to his regular self, but I can tell he’s been shaken by the experience. More to talk about I guess…

It makes this easier to write to you, than to write to no one. I hope you don’t mind…

September 20th, 3949 BBY

Race Day!

The race was amazing! Nessa blew everyone away, its as if she has Jedi reflexes. I’m glad Ive chosen to ally myself with such a competent pilot. And it doesn’t seem as if she and Reddish mind my company. Maybe Ive found some people I can call my friends. I know its only been a short time, but I no longer just see them as just a way off this moon. I actually care about them. Although I still have no idea what they are up to. One thing I’ve learned out here since leaving Nar Kreeta is that everyone has an agenda. With the hefty bounty under our belts, maybe I can take some time off between chasing marks to find out what their’s is.

Not sure what to make of Wasp. He just seems to be in search of adventure and money. Not a bad way to live, I guess, but there is always something more. The more I know about what drives him, and anyone for that matter, the safer I will be and the less likely I will run into any surprises. His skills could prove useful, as long as he keeps the rest of the group in mind.

I believe what Reddish told us about his vision of Rhya. I don’t know much about the force, but I do know that when it tells you something, you listen. Their destinies have been intertwined. We need to find a way to convince her to come with us. I know there is more she can do with her life than help this filthy moon. There are other parts of the galaxy that deserve her more. I believe we have common goals, just different ways of going about them. Out of everyone, she is the one I trust the most if only because she has been clear in her goals desire to help. Nar Kreeta could really use someone like her. Not that Gratta would let her live for long… One day I will return and exact my revenge. Maybe these new friends will help me do that…

September 12th, 3949 BBY

Meeting the Mark

Just testing out my Data Pad. Thought I should start keeping a journal… or at least keeping track of useful information.

I was having some pretty good luck. I caught that Dug, small bounty but still worth it. Then I noticed a big mark here in Draxil IV: Morgan Dervish. I convinced some other off-worlders to help me track him down and grab him. Having to split the bounty isn’t great, but possibly getting off this rock for free made up for it. And that red guy was just great to be around…

Everything was going so well.

We took care of his gang easily enough and got him back to Nessa’s ship, aptly called the “Can”, with some fuel cells to boot. We were out getting some parts to make much needed repairs before attempting to nav the vacuum. When we returned, Morgan was gone. Slipped out of my cuffs and squeezed out the landing gear hold. (I gotta learn that) I guess I can’t blame Reddish. He’s not really used to this sort of thing, although he handles himself nicely under pressure.

I guess luck can’t last forever. We think Morgan is actually working with Garon. We’ve entered Nessa into the race to get close to them. Not exactly my style, but neither is going after $2500 marks. I guess it comes with the territory.

Garon is too big for me to take down, even if he is the reason I chose this profession: him and scum like him. We just need to grab Dervish and get off this world. Maybe with a big mark like him I can gain some respect, and with it… maybe a lead?

Cam's Blog

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