Hyperspace Dreams
In a swirling ocean of the Force
He looked up, hot tears burning his eyes. The Force Storm boomed overhead, sending shafts of lightning everywhere. Some hit his friends, and some hit him.
“Do you know why the dark side will never win?” he shouted against the maelstrom.
“Reddish,” a female voice said, her voice barely audible over the thunderous noise, “run… he’ll kill you…”
He did not back down. Instead, he took a step forward.
“Because,” he continued shouting, “to be of the dark side is to be deceitful, destructive, and full of hatred. You can’t earn the trust of others, and you won’t stand together against your enemies! Our bonds are those of truth and trust and love, and those bonds are more powerful than you can possibly imagine!”
He could feel himself weakening. The dark side of the Force tore through him like a lightsaber blade, more poisonous and corrupt than the strongest Force lightning.
His defiant shout seemed to rise above the tumultuous storm. With a quick motion, he flung his lightsaber up. It spun in tight arcs through the air toward the shadowy figure.
The blue blade deflected bolts of Force lightning as it flew higher and higher…
Force Training

Alright, I’m ready. I can feel the Force… yes, the essences of the others are there.
No, I can’t tell what Wasp is thinking. He’s the most difficult to sense.
No Master, not always. It used to be Cam, but since he’s been probing the field with his mind, I’ve been able to be more in-tune with him. Well, yes, I think it’s because I’ve gotten to know him better too.
You don’t smile very often, and laugh even less… I know, I’m trying not to be distracted, but it’s been nagging me for the past couple of weeks.
But I like to laugh, and I like making you laugh. I enjoy it!
I have too! Once… remember, the day we were outfitting the Can with new door hydraulics? You came to find Nessa and Rhya throwing engine grease at each other?
You did so! You laughed when I used the Force to catch the grime Rhya threw at Nessa from behind the Can’s door and throw it back at Rhya! It was funny, and you know it.
Yes, Master, I’m trying to concentrate.
Yes, Master.
Of course, Master.
But what of the dark side? How can the dark side affect us in this space?
But you’ve told me that there is no darkness in the Force, just the potential to use it so.
Tell me, though, why-
I am focusing!
... I’m sorry, I just have so many questions and thoughts.
You’re right, the time for questions is not now… may I ask when we’re not in trance?
Thank you.
OK, I’m ready to begin, Master.
... I guess I still have a long way to go.

My Own Quarters!


I am enjoying being able to write to you more frequently. And boy it was a whirlwind of events once we went looking for Randal. Here’s what happened:

We found a guard and asked him where we could find Randal, he called for him letting him know we had a package for him from Geron, and he said he’d be right down. We went to the ship and took his refrigerated crate off, he was very happy to see that it was still cold. He opened it up in front of us and was very pleased, fresh fruit for station. I haven’t seen fruit in a long time; I can’t imagine how much it cost him to get it. He talked about how Geron was the man who knows where to get things, and fresh fruit is definitely rare in these parts.

Once he and some of his guards left with the fruit, we saw a Republic Mid Shipman and a couple of men caring something quiet large. He informed us that we were the only ship that was working, and that they had a call for help in the midst of the graveyard of ships, 5 people were able to secure themselves and are waiting to be rescued. We didn’t really have a choice, although my comrades are all about helping people! We got the air lock onto the ship and headed out; with the coordinates the Mid Shipman had we were able to quickly locate the debris that the people were in. Reddish stayed with the ship and the rest of us went out and helped the Mid Shipman. As we were working on getting the air lock onto the debris to pressurize the room, we came under attack by 3 spherical orbs. Wasp jumped on one and was able to point it away when it shoot off an ion blast; Cam began to fight another one, and Reddish began to shoot the third. We began to work quickly and Rhya and I got inside the room. Rhya began to help the injured, and I did the best I could to assist while keeping my eye on the gages. Once we were done, we waited for the all clear and were able to get back on the ship. Rhya began to work on those injured, and Reddish helped me fly back to the space station. The injured soldiers were taking immediately for help and Cam wanted to take the orb he grabbed to see what we could learn. And we sure did learn a lot, Journal. We were able to hack into the files and found video of it leaving its main ship. Can you believe it, Scion has droid fighter pilots! Something I have never seen before. The three orbs that attacked us were the pilots of the 3 fighter ships that attacked us when we first arrived! The Sergeant came and saw the information that we had acquired and said that this is great stuff; however he will have to take the files and asked us not to share what we had learned.

It’s really weird, Journal. I had fun helping people today, when we were running around carrying this and that, and then working on the ship helping the Republic pull off parts and computers to be locked away, I enjoyed it. I also have this weird feeling that I have never felt before after helping those injured soldiers. I don’t know what it means, but it’s really weird and new.

Randal came and found us and invited us to dine with him this evening. We all agreed of course, there was fresh fruit on the menu! During dinner he invited us to stay on the station and be available to shipments and that a company is coming that we might find work with; they are going to be working on salvaging from the wrecked ships. The Republic Doctor will probably end up having Rhya work with her as well, since Rhya has told us the doctor was impressed with her skills. It was a good meal, and since we really didn’t know where we were going from here, we all agreed to stay on while there was room for us. Then the best news came, Journal, we all get our own rooms!! A place for me to go and get my alone time, I am very excited by this. As we were walking to the Can to grab our things and move into our new rooms, a Jedi appeared in the hallway, and called to Reddish. The next thing we knew, she had his lightsaber and crushed it and threw it away. She said her name to him but he can call her Master. She then gave him a new training lightsaber that was blue, and said his training will begin. The look on his face, Journal, was pure excitement. It looks like 2 of my new friends are going to be working extra hard and becoming who they want to be. I wish I had it figured out like them, I guess time will tell.

Well Journal, I am very sleepy, and it’s been a long few days, and a very long time since I’ve gotten to sleep on a bed. Until next time, I bid you farewell.

Hello Freeport Station


WOW! That’s almost all I can think right now, but I want to try and get in today’s events down as quickly as I can so I don’t forget them. During hyper drive I got a warning that debris was headed out way and that immediate deceleration was recommended. Luckily I was able to pull us out of hyper drive and slow down where just the top part of the ship hit a massive piece of ship. If I hadn’t been showing Rhya the cockpit of the ship and how to fly her, then who knows what would have happened to use. Luckily Rhya followed suit and strapped in, there just wasn’t enough time to warn anyone else. Luckily only Cam was bumped up a little bit and the rest were okay. I had to very carefully fly in-between large pieces of what once looked like a fleet of Republic ships. We then found ourselves under attack from 3 fully black fighters, if it had just been Reddish and I, I don’t know if we would have survived. Luckily Rhya and Reddish were able to man the guns, Cam was working on our shields and making sure they stayed up, and who knows where Wasp was at. We were able to take out all three pilots, got through the now graveyard of ships, and made it to the space station.

As we were waiting for permission to land, we saw a republic ship with huge amounts of damage to the ship. We landed safely, decided to find Randal first, we left the package on the ship. The minute the bay doors open we saw chaos; we all got dragged off into different areas. Rhya went to help the wounded, the rest of us were asked to carry this to here, and that to there, and oh wait that needs to go here. Cam and I found ourselves working on the Republic ship helping take things out of the computer systems and such that they wanted to secure. After several hours things started to calm down and we found ourselves sitting around eating a little bit and we have just decided to see if we could find Randal. I will write more soon dear Journal, but for now it’s time to finish the job.

Good Bye Drexil IV

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My Dearest Journal,

We got off the moon! We were told by several people that we were welcome back to Drexil IV whenever we like. Perhaps we will be back, but for now our journey is quite unknown. We are currently headed to a space station to deliver Geron’s package. I know he said that the goods were rare, but man that could mean anything! Perhaps we will never know. Cam and I were able to plot a course that will take us about 2 days to reach the space station. For a little while we all chatted and hung out, and then slowly everyone went their own direction. I think we are all trying to learn some new information, most I think are checking on their parents. However I am too afraid to do so, worried that if I try to see how they are doing that Gratta will know and then my cover is blown. For now I can just hope that they are doing well.

Well my dear journal I should check on some things on the ship and start learning more about it, since I did acquire it, I haven’t really gotten to know all the nooks and crannies.


I am finally having some time to write in you; my dear old journal. I don’t think I have done this much fighting in my life. I don’t normally like to be in the front lines, I prefer to sit back and see where it’s going to go and then if needed join in. But here on Drexil IV, it’s been needed over and over again. The bar fight was handled by Cam and Reddish, but after that I’ve had to be on the front lines of fighting these people. Has this moon always had this much violence, or do we attract it to us like a magnet?

First we captured Morgan, then he escaped, then I win the race and there he is on deck, which was a cause for another fight. Which again, I must say the race was AMAZING! I’m still riding on the adrenaline high from winning that race. Once we came back with Morgan for the second time, Cam decided that he was going to sit on him with a gun pointed to his head until we delivered him. Even though he used 50 feet of mesh tape, and Morgan was basically taped to the floor of the Can. While we were settling down, we had visitors come to the docking bay. It was two Lardyss guards and a man who works for Geron, with an invitation to a celebratory dinner in my honor. Unfortunately the invitation was only for one, so I wasn’t able to bring Rhya and Reddish with me. I had about an hour before needing to go up, so the five of us sat around and shared a little about ourselves. Apparently Cam and I have a common enemy; Gretta the Hut, Cam has seen firsthand what Gretta is capable of. Knowing a little more about them is making it easier to have them feel like friends. Still not too keen on helping out strangers, but I’m okay with helping out my new friends now.

I got ready in my best pilot suit to meet Geron, I left with just the clothing on my back when I escaped from Gretta, now that I have some more credits, it may be time to buy something a little more my style. When I got to Geron’s, the senator was having dinner with us, and Geron sure went to a lot of trouble and had all of my favorite Ryll food, it was delicious, I haven’t eaten that well since I left home. Half way through the dinner, the senator started to feel ill, which did not surprise Geron one bit and ended up leaving our small dinner party. Once he left Geron asked me if I would be interested in a job, to transport some goods to another world. It doesn’t sound like it’s risky and the goods are rare but he didn’t make them sound illegal so I agreed. Upon arrival I will receive 1500 credits for delivery! I also was awarded my winnings from him for the race, another 1500 credits! I also asked him if he’d be able to wave our docking fees and he said he would call in a few favors for us, and that is very exciting that the large fee is no longer over my head. When I was leaving Geron’s I was floating on clouds, first I won the race by a mile (well okay maybe not a full mile) and then got my first job after my run in with Gretta. It would have been nice to stay on cloud 9, but then my com went off…

Rhya was in an elevator being attacked! It sure does seem our group is a magnet for trouble on this moon. We were able to find the elevator that was stopped between floors and Reddish’s skill with his light saber was able to get to her quickly. Her assailant disappeared into thin air, how did he do that!? She was pretty banged up but we were able to help her begin to heal. As we were walking back to the Can ready to head out to deliver Morgan, we get a call from Cam saying that someone just took off with the navicomputer and they are running our way. My initials thoughts were pure panic, I couldn’t get Morgan to the mid rim world in time without it, nor would we be able to hyper jump. Who was trying to keep us on the moon? And once again I found myself on the chase, another fight about to break out.

Luckily we were able to fumble our away across that conveyer belt and make it into the factory, how we all got split up, who knows. I was able to help take some of the guys down trying to attack us, but something from who knows where kept attacking Rhya, and then he was able to take off with her. Disappearing again in thin air! So frustrating not being able to save her from the attack, she kept being hit again and again going unconscious. After following her we were faced with a droid war, and with the man trying to keep us on the moon. Dam Cevil, CEO of Lardyss. We all thought that Geron was the bad guy, and who knew that the CEO of the company was the true evil person, and he was NOT happy with us. Good thing I had my ion pistol to be able to combat the droids better, seeing Rhya up on the tower unconscious was a different feeling for me. I was scared; I didn’t want to lose my new friend. I have never had a girl friend before; it makes me wonder what might transpire from it.

Through some lucky shots and Rhya coming back from unconsciousness we were able to defeat Dam Cevil with Geron’s help. He even patched us up and then took us to a medic bay for more help; some of my friends were looking very hurt. The feeling that you might lose a friend and be a witness to their death is nothing I have ever felt before, it’s very confusing. We are now back on the Can, getting prepared to head out to deliver his package of goods. It feels good to be alone, somewhat, I’m use to being alone, and being with people all the time is something I think I’ll have to get use to. For now I will just hole up in my bunk when I need some time to think and write, I’ll have to make sure Wasp knows not to sneak in during these times, however I didn’t notice when he came in and put an umbrella in my drink.

I have been getting home sick lately, I haven’t seen Mom and Dad in a long time, but I’m just not sure if it’s safe to return there quite yet. I should try to send word to them that I am well, since they think I’m off with the Navy. It would be so easy to return to them, to be able to say “I want this or that” and to have it. To work for the things I want is a hard concept to get use to, although I do like earning more money. I will have to remember to check in with Driggs in a couple of months and Geron also for any races that may be coming up.

Well my dear old journal, I have caught you up on all the major events that have happened in the last few days. What an adventure it has been here on Drexil IV!

Regret... Regret... Regret...

You’re my mask
You’re my cover, my shelter
You’re my mask
You’re the one who’s blamed
Do my work
Do my dirty work, scapegoat
Do my deeds
For you’re the one who’s shamed…”

- Metallica, “Sad But True”

I feel shame for the first time. I don’t like it. So much power, so easy… just like on Toprawa. The instructors tried to get me to “unleash” and “release” all of my emotions in combat. But the emotions I had didn’t make me want to fight. I never understood why they always wanted to make us angry…... until now. I was frustrated. My friends were fighting for their lives, and I couldn’t land a single blow. Every time I’d swing the saber, it would miss. I felt the frustration build up, until… I don’t know. It just exploded. I moved faster than I’ve ever moved before. Nobody could have dodged that strike. I cut down the man trying to kill me, using nothing but pure hate. I hated him for trying to shoot Cam. I hated him for trying to shoot me. I hated him for stealing the navicomputer, for bringing us into that stupid labyrinth of a factory, for laughing as my first blows went wide. I know Cam saw me cut the thug down. There wasn’t really time to talk about it then, but I caught the look in his eyes. It scared him. I don’t blame him- I scared myself. But using that power was enough to stop the threat… wasn’t that enough? Why do I feel bad for even thinking that? I should stop fooling myself into thinking I wasn’t tapping into the dark side. While I was off twisting the Force in my anger, Rhya got shot and dragged off by that chutta of a bounty hunter. Great, more shame. How am I supposed to concentrate through all of this? No wonder I couldn’t fight Dam worth a damn!! I’m not used to this!! But I have to keep calm… because there’s that whisper again. It wants me to use all these aggressive feelings, and it’s so easy to do. Well, I like easy….... but not that much. I’ve got to keep a lid on this. I hope Cam doesn’t say anything to the others. I can sense his feelings… he’s not thinking about me. He’s plotting a hyperspace jump with Nessa, but his thoughts drift to… somebody like me? No, that can’t be right… ugh, lost him. Too distracted. Well maybe… maybe the temptation and the regret will just go away in time. Luckily, now there’s a chance to move on from that moon. I can focus on other things. It’s behind me… I hope. I wonder how Dad is doing? It’d be nice to find if the Bishop is still around- wait, Wasp is coming up to tap me on the shoulder, thinking I can’t sense his presence in my trance. Haha, I think I’ll have some fun with the kid- wait, where did he go? Oh no, he’s going to put engine grease on my nose—-

The Galaxy Can Be Fun

It’s amazing where you can find some fun!

My moon was a fight every day for survival and that became the only fun I had so now it’s what I crave. Since I have left there have been few challenges for me, but with these people I have found ways to get that feeling of living back. The brief encounter in the lift shaft, chasing those men that took the Navcomputer, those were exciting and energizing and … it was the hunt! That’s what I have been missing since I left… the hunt.

It just came to me now I wonder why that would have been something I would over look? the hunt, fighting to be the hunter and not the prey was my life. On my moon there was little else and that’s what I have been missing I’ll have to think about this more but now that I know what I have been missing maybe things can change and I can focus on how to get both a life in the galaxy and the hunt.

I have almost all of the ship committed to memory now every nook and corner and its all marked so I can tell if someone comes through. How could they have over looked such simple safety preparations I’ll never understand but I’m sure they will thank me for helping secure “The Can”. I even have had some time to try out this recording device I found at the bar during the race.

And that reptile that attacked how did he blend like that?!! I want to know how do that…


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