Rhya Kyri

Noble by birth, compassionate healer by upbringing. Her family killed and framed she seeks redemption and justice among the stars...


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Female, 16-19

  • Grew up with wealthy doctor parents, enrolled in medical university
  • Parents died in senseless terrorist act
  • she can’t claim inheritance because parents were implicated in terrorist act in which they died
  • assets became frozen
  • became outcast in medical school and decided to drop out
  • went to live with godfather that was ex-Republic Star Pilot
  • He fought with her parents in Mandoloian Wars and assures her that her parents could never had been involved in the terrorism
  • taught her fighter piloting as well as gunslinging as a way to channel her energy and occupy her time
  • Was taught the power of healing by parents
  • Does not approve of senseless violence
  • Will defend herself if necessary
  • Would rather choose diplomacy before violence
  • however, she WILL fight for a proper cause


  • veterans of Mandolorian wars
  • did not follow Revan to pursue Mandolorians
  • they sensed he had fallen
  • returned to Alderaan
  • died in terrorist act

Force -

  • Started feeling the Force when parents died
  • She felt the disturbance unlike anything else before
  • delved as deep as she could
  • realized that she could use new found abilities to comfort others and even sense life
  • wants to find some way to understand and control this new power

What drives her -

  • Wants to find a way to exonerate her parents
  • Return family assets to rightful place
  • clear family name
  • Understand the Force

Rhya Kyri

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