A charismatic young man with a sense of virtue and an attunement to the Force...


Strength: 11
Dexterity: 15 (+2)
Constitution: 11
Intelligence: 12 (+1)
Wisdom: 16 (+3)
Charisma: 20 (+4)


Reddish did not know who he was or even what race he was. He spent a lot of his young life on an unimportant Republic ship patrolling the Mid Rim. His earliest memories were of being raised by a zabrak captain, Jerreko Palantis, of the nearly-obsolete light cruiser Iron Bishop. When the Bishop was in spacedock in a small Rim port, Captain Palantis returned to find a baby Reddish apparently abandoned in front of the hard seal between ship and port.
Captain Palantis of the Republic Navy never made time to settle down and start a family. The grizzled old commander with a soft spot for children took Reddish aboard the Iron Bishop. Palantis and his crew raised Reddish through boyhood. Being assigned to an unimportant sector of space, the Iron Bishop saw little by way of danger or excitement, even through the Mandalorian Wars. When Reddish was older, Captain Palantis allowed the restless youth to fly in a snubfighter patrol a few times.
Unfortunately, the Republic finally got wind of the wayward youth aboard the Iron Bishop. Though the 15-year-old boy thought of the crew as his family and Palantis as his father, the Bishop was a military vessel, and Captain Palantis was ordered to put Reddish off the ship. Reddish disembarked on Belderone with a teary farewell from the crew. The Iron Bishop was recalled to the Core worlds, and Reddish had not seen his surrogate family in the three years afterward.
While on Belderone, Reddish worked a few odd jobs, his most recent as a bartender at the cantina where he met Nessa’nalan. A Sith recruiter caught wind of Reddish’s Force potential, and convinced him to join the group going to a special academy on Toprawa. Lured by promises of having a place and a purpose, Reddish said goodbye to Belderone.
When it was revealed to the new recruits that the group they joined were Sith, Reddish was immediately disgusted. They were being trained in the dark side of the Force, and he wanted no part of their warmongering and destructive philosophy. Negative feelings affected him on a near-physical level, and being around such hate and chaos for six weeks was disturbing at best. Reddish decided to break out of the Toprawan academy, even though he saw little chance of success. Fortunately, Nessa’nalan, his acquaintance from Belderone, was already en route. Having been shot down by Troublemaker mercenaries, the twi’lek came in search of the only person she felt she could trust. Reddish and Nessa joined forces, escaped from Toprawa, and eventually ended up on Drexil IV, where the greater story begins….

Reddish’s sense of virtue was unquestionable to his friends, but he sometimes lacked common sense. He was both bold and carefree, and had difficulty being around people who were constantly angry or depressed. Being Zeltron (unbeknownst to him at the time), his minor empathic ability allowed him to key in to the feelings of others- therefore, the negative feelings of others could upset him.
Always wearing a disarming smile and cracking jokes, Reddish was a charismatic and likeable person. Others had a sense of ease and agreeableness to him; many said that with Zeltrons, one feels like they had known them for years.
Being such an emotionally-driven and transparent person, Reddish had difficulty hiding his true feelings- which rarely deviated from simple joy. His desire to help others was undeniable, but he lacked focus, often thinking only about the present and/or immediate future. He was easily distracted and flighty, but good-hearted.
Reddish had a difficult time with purpose, and for such an emotionally-driven and whimisical being, he took protecting his friends (and with Reddish, every third person he met was his friend) very seriously. Without a long-term goal, it was easy for his mind to wander.
The Force was strong in Reddish, but in his earlier years it was restless. Control was a problem for him; when he was able to direct and master his feelings, even the positive ones, Reddish shone like a beacon in the Force. But more often than not, his constant emotional high got in the way of his focus.
One of the other distractions for Reddish was women. His fascination with the opposite sex got him into trouble more often than once. Though he never questioned why the pursuit of pleasure- for himself and others around him- took up such a large portion of his thoughts, it can be inferred that his Zeltron heritage accounted for his thrill-seeking and hedonism.


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