Cam Zinthar

Young bounty hunter looking to make his place in the galaxy


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Nar Kreeta

  • Hutt colony
  • no Republic presence
  • Secret Rancor gambling arena in main city of Ko Veina
  • People captured and brought here as pawns in Rancor gambling
  • Ruled by Hutt crime lord, Gratta
  • Like Tattooine in that there are main cities but also remote settlements just trying to eek out a life
  • Far enough off the “path” to be a welcome stop for smugglers and pirates

Personal History

  • Captured (from unknown whereabouts) and sold to Gratta as a slave at a very young age
  • He was won in a gamble by a Human ex-smuggler, Kash Windren, looking to settle on the planet
  • Essentially adopted by Kash
  • No longer a slave, Cam was raised by Kash, always hearing epic tales of his life as a smuggler
  • News of a new settlement, Kash’s Outpost, reached Ko Veina, arousing interest from all, including Gratta
  • Kash had accumulated quite a wealth in his life in both credits and assets
  • Smugglers made Kash’s Outpost a scheduled stop, some even settling there, themselves, creating a small township
  • Kash was forced to pay a monthly tribute to Gratta, in exchange for “conducting business on his planet”
  • Kash was allowed to conduct business and govern the Outpost as he saw fit, which was most often honorably and just
  • Two years after adopting Cam, Kash took on another ward as trade for an amount of Phobium Ore; Dreyden Sune
  • Drey and Cam grew up as brothers, and rivals in a battle for their father’s affection and attention
  • A few years later, (age 13) the boys met a Zeltron girl named Lealia
  • Lealia was a crew member, along with her sister Ryshal, aboard the Star Skipper
  • The Zeltron sisters opted to remain at the Outpost to live less exciting, but all together safer, lives
  • The boys both thought Lealia was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen and soon had something new to fight over
  • The three grew up as friends and the older sister, Ryshal, ran the cantina in the Outpost
  • In their mid teens(age 16 for cam, 17 for drev), the boys paths started to differ
  • Cam was began training to become a sheriff’s deputy of the ever growing Outpost
  • Drey was often at odds with said sheriff and tended to go missing for days on end, returning with unexplained injuries… or credits
  • On one such occasion, Drey went missing for an uncomfortable length of time
  • The young deputy had spent almost his entire life on Nar Kreeta and was often tasked with finding lost travelers amongst the desert wastes and sandy beaches
  • Using his tracking skills and various sources of information, Cam followed Drey’s trail through Ko Veina
  • He found Drey in a spice den, enthralled to the drug and unable to even recognize his brother
  • Meeting only opposition from both Drey and his “friends”, a sullen Cam was forced to return to the Outpost alone
  • Upon return, Cam was met with more heartbreak
  • The love of his life, Lealia, had contracted a strange illness, with all attempts to cure her met with failure
  • Kash had already sent a request for help to Gratta in Ko Veina, but didn’t even expect a reply
  • Cam demanded that Kash do more than “request help”, but the old man was not prepared to lose his life, home, and family in a war with a Hutt crime lord
  • Days later, Lealia was dead
  • With no recollection of his encounter with Cam, Drey returned to find the only person that had ever made him happy had died
  • Drey became enraged with both Kash and Cam, saying that “if they had only worked with Lord Gratta instead of against him all these years, she would be alive.”
  • That was the last time Cam saw Drey, heading towards Ko Veina on his new speeder
  • Cam resigned as deputy, also heading to Ko Viena; to find the next ship off world
  • Kash didn’t argue with his son… making Cam feel even worse
  • In town, Cam heard of someone needing a tracker to find an “associate” on a nearby world and took the job…
  • Other similar jobs found their way to Cam and he soon became a known bounty hunter in Hutt space
  • However, he was not accepted by other hunters as he was very picky about his jobs; looking more to do the right thing than to just make credits
  • Tales of the “Hunter with a Soul” made their way back to Kash’s Outpost and somehow Kash Windren knew at least one of his sons was still alive

Cam Zinthar

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