The Galaxy Can Be Fun

It’s amazing where you can find some fun!

My moon was a fight every day for survival and that became the only fun I had so now it’s what I crave. Since I have left there have been few challenges for me, but with these people I have found ways to get that feeling of living back. The brief encounter in the lift shaft, chasing those men that took the Navcomputer, those were exciting and energizing and … it was the hunt! That’s what I have been missing since I left… the hunt.

It just came to me now I wonder why that would have been something I would over look? the hunt, fighting to be the hunter and not the prey was my life. On my moon there was little else and that’s what I have been missing I’ll have to think about this more but now that I know what I have been missing maybe things can change and I can focus on how to get both a life in the galaxy and the hunt.

I have almost all of the ship committed to memory now every nook and corner and its all marked so I can tell if someone comes through. How could they have over looked such simple safety preparations I’ll never understand but I’m sure they will thank me for helping secure “The Can”. I even have had some time to try out this recording device I found at the bar during the race.

And that reptile that attacked how did he blend like that?!! I want to know how do that…



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