My Own Quarters!


I am enjoying being able to write to you more frequently. And boy it was a whirlwind of events once we went looking for Randal. Here’s what happened:

We found a guard and asked him where we could find Randal, he called for him letting him know we had a package for him from Geron, and he said he’d be right down. We went to the ship and took his refrigerated crate off, he was very happy to see that it was still cold. He opened it up in front of us and was very pleased, fresh fruit for station. I haven’t seen fruit in a long time; I can’t imagine how much it cost him to get it. He talked about how Geron was the man who knows where to get things, and fresh fruit is definitely rare in these parts.

Once he and some of his guards left with the fruit, we saw a Republic Mid Shipman and a couple of men caring something quiet large. He informed us that we were the only ship that was working, and that they had a call for help in the midst of the graveyard of ships, 5 people were able to secure themselves and are waiting to be rescued. We didn’t really have a choice, although my comrades are all about helping people! We got the air lock onto the ship and headed out; with the coordinates the Mid Shipman had we were able to quickly locate the debris that the people were in. Reddish stayed with the ship and the rest of us went out and helped the Mid Shipman. As we were working on getting the air lock onto the debris to pressurize the room, we came under attack by 3 spherical orbs. Wasp jumped on one and was able to point it away when it shoot off an ion blast; Cam began to fight another one, and Reddish began to shoot the third. We began to work quickly and Rhya and I got inside the room. Rhya began to help the injured, and I did the best I could to assist while keeping my eye on the gages. Once we were done, we waited for the all clear and were able to get back on the ship. Rhya began to work on those injured, and Reddish helped me fly back to the space station. The injured soldiers were taking immediately for help and Cam wanted to take the orb he grabbed to see what we could learn. And we sure did learn a lot, Journal. We were able to hack into the files and found video of it leaving its main ship. Can you believe it, Scion has droid fighter pilots! Something I have never seen before. The three orbs that attacked us were the pilots of the 3 fighter ships that attacked us when we first arrived! The Sergeant came and saw the information that we had acquired and said that this is great stuff; however he will have to take the files and asked us not to share what we had learned.

It’s really weird, Journal. I had fun helping people today, when we were running around carrying this and that, and then working on the ship helping the Republic pull off parts and computers to be locked away, I enjoyed it. I also have this weird feeling that I have never felt before after helping those injured soldiers. I don’t know what it means, but it’s really weird and new.

Randal came and found us and invited us to dine with him this evening. We all agreed of course, there was fresh fruit on the menu! During dinner he invited us to stay on the station and be available to shipments and that a company is coming that we might find work with; they are going to be working on salvaging from the wrecked ships. The Republic Doctor will probably end up having Rhya work with her as well, since Rhya has told us the doctor was impressed with her skills. It was a good meal, and since we really didn’t know where we were going from here, we all agreed to stay on while there was room for us. Then the best news came, Journal, we all get our own rooms!! A place for me to go and get my alone time, I am very excited by this. As we were walking to the Can to grab our things and move into our new rooms, a Jedi appeared in the hallway, and called to Reddish. The next thing we knew, she had his lightsaber and crushed it and threw it away. She said her name to him but he can call her Master. She then gave him a new training lightsaber that was blue, and said his training will begin. The look on his face, Journal, was pure excitement. It looks like 2 of my new friends are going to be working extra hard and becoming who they want to be. I wish I had it figured out like them, I guess time will tell.

Well Journal, I am very sleepy, and it’s been a long few days, and a very long time since I’ve gotten to sleep on a bed. Until next time, I bid you farewell.



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