Hello Freeport Station


WOW! That’s almost all I can think right now, but I want to try and get in today’s events down as quickly as I can so I don’t forget them. During hyper drive I got a warning that debris was headed out way and that immediate deceleration was recommended. Luckily I was able to pull us out of hyper drive and slow down where just the top part of the ship hit a massive piece of ship. If I hadn’t been showing Rhya the cockpit of the ship and how to fly her, then who knows what would have happened to use. Luckily Rhya followed suit and strapped in, there just wasn’t enough time to warn anyone else. Luckily only Cam was bumped up a little bit and the rest were okay. I had to very carefully fly in-between large pieces of what once looked like a fleet of Republic ships. We then found ourselves under attack from 3 fully black fighters, if it had just been Reddish and I, I don’t know if we would have survived. Luckily Rhya and Reddish were able to man the guns, Cam was working on our shields and making sure they stayed up, and who knows where Wasp was at. We were able to take out all three pilots, got through the now graveyard of ships, and made it to the space station.

As we were waiting for permission to land, we saw a republic ship with huge amounts of damage to the ship. We landed safely, decided to find Randal first, we left the package on the ship. The minute the bay doors open we saw chaos; we all got dragged off into different areas. Rhya went to help the wounded, the rest of us were asked to carry this to here, and that to there, and oh wait that needs to go here. Cam and I found ourselves working on the Republic ship helping take things out of the computer systems and such that they wanted to secure. After several hours things started to calm down and we found ourselves sitting around eating a little bit and we have just decided to see if we could find Randal. I will write more soon dear Journal, but for now it’s time to finish the job.



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