Good Bye Drexil IV

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My Dearest Journal,

We got off the moon! We were told by several people that we were welcome back to Drexil IV whenever we like. Perhaps we will be back, but for now our journey is quite unknown. We are currently headed to a space station to deliver Geron’s package. I know he said that the goods were rare, but man that could mean anything! Perhaps we will never know. Cam and I were able to plot a course that will take us about 2 days to reach the space station. For a little while we all chatted and hung out, and then slowly everyone went their own direction. I think we are all trying to learn some new information, most I think are checking on their parents. However I am too afraid to do so, worried that if I try to see how they are doing that Gratta will know and then my cover is blown. For now I can just hope that they are doing well.

Well my dear journal I should check on some things on the ship and start learning more about it, since I did acquire it, I haven’t really gotten to know all the nooks and crannies.



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