Aftermath is set in the year 3949 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin) following the events that unfolded in Knights of the Old Republic: Sith Lords.

The eclectic group is a mix of teens from all backgrounds. Each is dealing with troubling developments or revelations in their own lives, while trying to find a place in the war ravaged galaxy.

This is my first SW Saga Edition campaign. Overall I like the system it is very streamlined as far as combat goes. Some individuality of the characters is lost with the restructure of the skills system, but the speed of combat makes the adventures faster and more enjoyable.

I am trying a new concept for this campaign trying to truly capture a saga feel, the campaign sections or collections of adventures will be separated by varying lengths of time. The events of these gaps will largely be narrated by the players based on events of the previous campaign section. I hope this will help spread the heroic events of their characters lives over a longer span of time creating a more epic feel to them after words. The campaign should end with them at max level and nearly venerable in age.

Episode 1: Aftermath Text Crawl


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